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Zoomed Excavator 4,5 kg - clay burrowing substrate

Zoomed Excavator 4,5 kg - clay burrowing substrate
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Price: 12,51Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Zoomed Excavator 4,5 kg - clay burrowing substrate




 Clay burrowing substrate excellent for:

  • bearded dragons
  • uromastyx lizards
  • leopard geckos
  • sand boas and other burrowing snakes
  • swifts and spyni lizards
  • tarantulas and scorpions
  • reptiles that create or use burrows

Zoomed Excavator allows reptiles to dig tunnels and burrows just like they do in nature. Watch your reptiles perform natural digging behaviors. Excavator holds its shape so burrows and tunnels won' t collapse. All natural, no added dyes, colors or chemicals.


  • make sure that you have enough Excavator to achieve the desired depth in your terrarium
  • moisten the substrate in a bucket by adding 0,7 liters of water to each 4,5kg beg of Excavator. Thoroughly mix the substrate until a uniform consistency is achieved. Place your substrate in terrarium, forming hills, terraces and other features
  • allow substrate to partially dry overnight before removing tools used to create burrows and tunnels
  • reptiles can be placed in the terrarium when the substrate is partially dry, or at least dry on the surface. Many reptile species will continue to dig burrows. If your reptiles are natural diggers, you can let them do all the work and create their own burrows
  • periodic misting with a water bottle can help the substrate mantein its shape, and can help in achieving the desired humidity level
  • to change the shape of the terrain, add water, mix and mold the substrate until the desired aspect is achieved


  • not for use with Under Thank Heaters , this may cause excess heat to build-up
  • place your reptile' s food in a feeding dish to avoid accidental ingestion
  • DO NOT rinse the substrate under running water as this will remove the clay and the substrate will not be moldablel


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Zoomed Excavator 4,5 kg - clay burrowing substrate 
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