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Xaqua DNA Salt + Minerals useful for 100 liters

Xaqua DNA Salt + Minerals useful for 100 liters
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Price: 27,10Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Xaqua DNA Sale, two-component professional salt, consisting of pure salts (without chemical additives) and a liquid mineral supplement.


Two-component professional salt composed of pure salts, without chemical additives, present in sea water in a concentration higher than 0.1 mg / L and a liquid that complements the minerals present in sea water in a concentration lower than 0.1 mg / L.
DNA Salt + Minerals is a unique product of its kind. The study, the research and the tests carried out in the analysis laboratories and in our marine systems have allowed us to develop an innovative product with exceptional characteristics. The quality and composition of salt water is a fundamental element for the correct maintenance of a marine aquarium.
Salt + Minerals DNA formulation has been obtained following accurate research criteria and its chemical structure is perfectly balanced. Formulating a sea salt with values ​​other than natural ones leads to a wrong ion balance, with important consequences on the stability and maintenance of chemical values. The use of certified raw materials is the first requirement for the production of all our products. DNA Salt + Minerals is produced with a mixture of qualified salts of analytical and pharmaceutical quality, with a certified purity percentage higher than 99.5%. The use of pure raw materials allows to obtain a final product of excellent quality, with physico-chemical characteristics that are always constant and unaltered and with certain chemical values. Thanks to the purity of the salts used, free of chemical additives and contaminating and aggressive foreign substances, with Salt + Minerals DNA it is possible to have pure sea water, free from substances and suspended deposits, and immediately ready to be used with all types of fish and corals. Thanks to the perfectly balanced chemical structure, the solubility of the product in contact with water is immediate. The obtained solution will be clear, free of deposits and calcareous precipitations deriving from a wrong ratio between the salts and the presence of chemical additives such as silicon dioxide.
The liquid is essential for the integration of all micro-nutrients present in sea water in a concentration lower than 0.1 mg / L, so low as to make mixing impossible. The most recent studies have shown that the lack of mineral salts can be very harmful to fish and corals.
A separate integration of these elements is difficult to manage and therefore not recommended.
The preparation of Salt + Minerals DNA is carried out in the laboratory with highly accurate weighing and mixing tools at controlled temperature and humidity. To ensure product quality and the same chemical values, salt mixing is done specifically for each individual package. Only this process can guarantee a homogeneous product, with constant chemical characteristics and unaltered at every use.
The package is made of three-layer aluminum covered with a protective film.
Dosage: single-dose bags for the preparation of 20, 50 or 100 L of sea water at a density of 35 ° / °° (38 g per liter of osmotic water).
Using the entire envelope, partial use does not guarantee the correct values ​​of the solution obtained.
Use: prepare the quantity of osmotic water to be treated in a clean container. Bring the water to a temperature of 23-25 ​​° C. It is important, during the preparation of the solution, not to subject the salt to thermal stress. Turn off the heater before adding salt. Use a blade agitator or a small movement pump (avoiding the aspiration of salt) to allow a quick and correct mixing of the product. When the salt is completely dissolved and the water is clear (average time 15-30 minutes) add the bag containing DNA Minerals, turn off the pump and use the water within the next 12 hours.

Chemical analysis of the main 35% density values ​​obtained using 38 g / L of salt:

Carbonate hardness 6-7 ° dKh
Calcium 420 mg / L
Magnesium 1350 mg / L
Potassium 380 mg / L
Strontium 8 mg / L
Boron 4.6 mg / L
Sulfur 885 mg / L
Fluorine 1,3 mg / L
Bromine 65 mg / L


Store at a temperature between 5 and 30 ° C. Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. Product not intended for human consumption.

Avoid contact with skin. Substance NOT classified as dangerous according to EC Regulation 1272/2008 CLP.

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Xaqua DNA Salt + Minerals useful for 100 liters 
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