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Xaqua The Reef System - Bio One 1000ml

Xaqua The Reef System - Bio One 1000ml
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Price: 61,90Euro [TaxInc]
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Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Xaqua The Reef System - Bio One 1000ml


BIO ONE contains substances needed to nourish and stimulate both the heterotrophic bacterial flora that autotrophic. The natural process of bacterial reproduction has the function of reducing the inorganic nutrients in the water keeping them close to zero: are reproduced so the oligotrophic conditions of 'water, as in nature. For small polyp stony corals (SPS) is necessary to decrease the values ​​of these nutrients to maintain the proper balance between the symbiotic coral polyp and the zooxanthellae, thus limiting the development of the latter to allow the healthy growth and proper metabolic activity coral. For long polyp stony corals (LPS), soft corals and filter-oligotrophic environment, similar to the natural,
remains the best condition for a healthy growth of the entire benthic fauna. The following table shows the parameters nutrient inorganic real water in natural environment. The use of macromolecules that bind to a part of the food component allows with one product to stimulate independently and at different times both the autotrophic component (much slower) that the component heterotrophic (much faster). BIO ONE is stable and balanced, allows efficient maintenance of the bacterial flora in the tank, and its regular use leads to a gradual decrease of phosphates and nitrates. BIO ION through the natural process of reproduction bacterial
lowers inorganic nutrients to values ​​close to zero.


1 ml per 100 liters of water, to be taken every day.


Shake well before use. The parameters to be met by inorganic nutrients are: phosphates should not exceed 0.03 ppm, nitrates should not exceed 5mg/lt. Use a skimmer fully efficient and properly adjusted. A quick (1/2 days) training of bacterial patina on the tank glass is a sign of excessive dosage. Modify doses and frequency in response to changes in the tub.
DO NOT USE compounds as selective adsorption resins for phosphates (alter the relationship Redfield) and other management systems such as Rifugium, DSB, ozone and UV, which slow down or nullify the action of BIO ONE.

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Xaqua The Reef System - Bio One 1000ml 
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