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Xaqua DNA Minerals Marine 250ml

Xaqua DNA Minerals Marine 250ml
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Price: 9,89Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Xaqua DNA minerals, a solution of mineral salts, present in tropical sea water in quantities <0.1 mg / L.


To be used in combination with DNA Salt, it allows to obtain a mixture of salt water with the same characteristics of natural sea water, perfectly suited to maintaining the marine reef and all the benthic fauna. The combined use of Salt DNA and DNA Minerals allows to obtain a mixture of sea water never obtained before. The choice of making a two-component salt (a powder and a liquid component) was necessary in order to guarantee the correct mixing of all the salts, including those present in a percentage so low as to make it impossible to mix. The regular use of DNA Salt and DNA Minerals allows to supply fish, corals and benthic fauna with all the elements necessary and essential for the metabolic functions of growth, pigmentation and maintenance. The most recent studies have shown what are the effects caused by the lack of mineral salts. A separate integration of these elements is difficult to manage and therefore not recommended. Using DNA salt and DNA minerals for the preparation and the periodic water change allows to obtain and maintain the correct oligotrophic values ​​of water, with excellent results and without risk of errors caused by deficiencies or overdoses.

Dosage: 1 mL for 1 L of new water.

Usage: Shake well before use. Pour the required dose into the previously salted new water with DNA Salt. Do not use the product individually.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow, product not intended for human consumption. Substance NOT classified as dangerous according to EC Regulation 1272/2008 CLP.

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Xaqua DNA Minerals Marine 250ml 
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