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Xaqua Marine Nano 150 gr

Xaqua Marine Nano 150 gr
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Price: 16,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Xaqua Marine Fish Diet Nano 150 gr - food for marine fish fry, fish feed plankton and Mediterranean


MARINE is a complete food in innovative micro-granules and extruded marumerizzati, available in different formats. Prepared at a low temperature fishmeal high quality LT. The treatment of microextrusion cold (30 ° C) prevents the structural alteration of proteins while maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the raw materials. The process of marumerizzazione, unique, "smoothes" the granules making them compact, uniform and of equal size. This allows the maintenance of the physical characteristics in water and nutritional product for about 12 hours. This is due to bacterial resistance that has marumerizzata the surface of the granule towards the bacterial charges. The superior qualities of this food makes it ideal for the fish fry, for tropical fish marine plankton feed and Mediterranean where you need proper nutrition for healthy growth and for all small crustaceans. The product is enriched with astaxanthin, a molecule with a high anti-oxidant power (up to 500 times greater than vitamin E and beta-carotene). Reduces inflammation, is a photoprotective substance, being a carotenoid pigmentation accentuates the pink / red fish.

Grain size of 0.3 mm


1 large scoop every 10 fish. The amount administered must be consumed within a few minutes, otherwise reduce the dosage.

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Xaqua Marine Nano 150 gr 
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