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Whimar Smart System AWC Pro

Whimar Smart System AWC Pro
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Price: 246,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Smart System is a device that allows you to program and automate the water change cycles as well as guaranteeing a constant topping up of evaporated water (integrated ATO system).




ATO Mode: 




Install the level sensor in the desired position; connect the recovery pump cable to the green plug and the discharge pump cable to the black plug. Install any anti-siphon device as shown in the gure on page 1 and ll the recovery tank.
Connect the power supply to the electric current. Simultaneously press the three buttons on the controller until an audible signal is emitted.

The system will automatically add water up to the "MID" level. From now on, the A.T.O. functionis programmed.

When the device is in standby mode, the display will show the current time, which can be changed by the Pause & SET UP keys; when the temperature function is in standby, the display will show time and temperature alternatively. When water restoration is in function there will be a countdown and the pump will release water till the end of this countdown.


The A.T.O. mode will maintain the water level between the "MID" and "LOW" levels, allowing the restoration of evaporated water.

AWC Mode:  


The A.W.C. mode allows to make water changes in automatic mode.
Press the A.W.C. key to manually start the water change; Press any other key you to stop it; the device will proceed rst to the withdrawal of the old water and then to the restoration with the new one.  




Push and hold the A.W.C. button for ve seconds until “F1” appears on the display. Push the SET key again and on the display will appear “F1S1”.
Keep ready a container to collect water you’re going to remove from the main tank, then push the SET key again. The device will start to empty the tank and to ll the container. When you have reached the desired amount of water in the container, push the SET key. Now you can insert the volume of the waste water container (in ml). The device will start the change water process and you can monitor it on the display (expressed in %).
Now is the procedure completed. If the device doesn’t discharge/add water verify that water is present in the tanks and that all accessories are working

Push the A.W.C key to start the water change procedure with the default parameters:

- Volume of the water that must be changed: 10 liters.
- Mode: simultaneously
The volume of the waste water will appear on the display, and the changing water process will stop when the device reaches this volume.
Push any key to stop the changing-water procedure.


System connection:

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Whimar Smart System AWC Pro 
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Home » Technic » Control and automation » Auto top-off and water changing

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