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Whimar OsmoPro Tech Plus 100GPD 380 L/g

Whimar OsmoPro Tech Plus 100GPD 380 L/g
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Price: 159,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Plant for the production of osmotic water

The reverse osmosis exploits the ability of certain semi-permeable membranes to separate the water from the substances dissolved in it.
By applying a certain pressure (that of the water network, or that generated by a booster pump), it forces the water to cross the membrane; pure water (permeate) will be separated from the water containing salts (concentrate)
The osmotic membrane implementing the more stringent level achievable (the polyamide / polysulfone), acts as a barrier against not only salts and inorganic substances, but also in respect of organic substances of molecular weight greater than 100; is therefore an excellent defense against micro-pollutants, pesticides, pyrogens, viruses and bacteria that were contained in the water.
This technology appeared on the market of water treatment in recent times, is growing support quickly, and in a few years, has established itself thanks to its characteristics of versatility, excellent performance and ease of use.


The Whimar System OsmoPro are composed of 4 stages:


  1. 5 micron sediment cartridge for the filtration of rust, sand, particles in suspension; the cartridge has an average life of approximately 1500 gallons gallons of which is recommended to be changed after every 4-6 months to ensure optimal conditions of osmotic membrane and a constant yield);







  1. sintered activated carbon cartridge which eliminates chlorine (which could damage the membrane) and harmful substances present in water (pesticides, antigrittogqamici, etc.); the cartridge has an average life of about 3000 liters of water produced and it is advisable to replace it every 4-6 months to guarantee the optimal conditions of the osmotic membrane and a constant yield;


  1. The membrane Pentair depends on the model (50/75/100 GPD)



  1. post-osmosis deioniser kit with color-change resin: allows to eliminate any residual nitrates, phosphates and silicates from the permeate making it as pure as possible and lowering the value of the TDS to the maximum. The openable cartridge allows the resin to be replaced once the resin has exhausted its deionizing capacity. The state of exhaustion of the resin is constantly monitored in real time as its color turns from green to blue as it exhausts its effect.



H&M Digital DM1 included:

The OsmoPro Tech systems are equipped with a continuous H & M Digital DM1 reader for measuring the value of TDS in and out of the system.

Used on osmosis plants, it allows to evaluate the quality of the water produced and the efficiency of the cartridges in order to know when it is time to replace the filters.




All systems are equipped with quick connect couplings for pipes and standard 1/4 mount attacks and cartridges with standard dimensions.

The connection to the water supply is via a 3-way diverter mount faucet
The size of 'plant are about cm41x35x58


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Whimar OsmoPro Tech Plus 100GPD 380 L/g 
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