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Whimar Optimus Plus Pressure Reducer with solenoid valve

Whimar Optimus Plus Pressure Reducer with solenoid valve
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Price: 115,20Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Whimar Optimus Pressure Reducer V301, professional quality pressure regulator made in UE for refillable cylinders with universal pitch for CO2 fertilization plants and calcium reactors.

Professional quality accessory made entirely in UE (guaranteed for 3 years); essential requirement for a safe and efficient CO2 system; allows you to regulate the flow of carbon dioxide to be introduced into the tank with high precision thanks to the built - in fine regulation valve (we recommend the use of a bubble counter to visually monitor the amount of CO2 entering the tank).

A fundamental feature of the Whimar gearbox is its high level of safety; the gearbox is subjected to various stress tests to verify and certify its total safety in the operating environment; consider, for example, that the maximum working pressure is 2 - 2.2 BAR but the gearbox is tested at a pressure up to 60 BAR; more safety is the built-in safety valve that guarantees, if there is a very unlikely fault in operation, an immediate gas escape route.

The pressure reducer is equipped, among other things, with high and low pressure gauges that allow to constantly keep under control, respectively, the amount of residual charge in the cylinder and the pressure with which the CO2 is introduced into the tank.

The presence of the fine adjustment valve and of the general knob makes it possible to avoid having to set the amount of CO2 emitted each time the flow is closed (for example during nighttime hours when the CO2 introduced into the tank is not assimilated by the plants); in fact, it is sufficient to make a fine adjustment of the valve by means of a single valve once and then close and open the CO2 flow simply by acting on the general knob.

The cylinder is mounted on the front through a standard W21.8x1 / 14 "RH connection compatible with the vast majority of refillable cylinders currently on the market.

The output is instead entrusted to a VNR Ø4 / 6 outlet on which standard CO2 pipes are fitted.

Quality certified EN ISO 2503 and guaranteed for 3 years

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Whimar Optimus Plus Pressure Reducer with solenoid valve 
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