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Whimar Aquapure Resin DR ULTRA 1000ml

Whimar Aquapure Resin DR ULTRA 1000ml
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Price: 20,85Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Ready to use mixed bed resins are specially prepared high quality ion exchange resin mixtures designed for direct purification of water. The ratio of component ion exchange resins is engineered to provide high capacity. Performance of the ready to use mixed bed resin depends on the application. Several of the mixed bed resins are available with indicators which facilitate ease of operation when a simple visual indication of exhaustion is desired.


  • BWR condensate polishing, spent fuel pool demineralizer 
  • Demineralization - dyed anion and cation resin to indicate exhaustion 
  • Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) 
  • High purity condensate polishing and reactor water clean-up 
  • Partial demineralization with acrylic weak base anion 
  • Primary polishing and clean-up systems
  • Steam generator blowdown demineralization


Appearance Spherical Beads
Moisture Content (max.) 62 %
Particle Size Range 300 - 1200 µm
< 300 µm (max.) 1 %
Uniformity Coefficient (max.) 1.7
Shipping Weight (approx.) 700 - 735 g/L (43.8 - 45.9 lb/ft³)
Temperature Limit, Non-Regenerable Bed 100 °C (212.0 °F)
Temperature Limit, Regenerable Bed 60 °C (140.0 °F)
Component Name Gel Strong Acid Cation Macroporous Type I Strong Base Anion
Polymer Structure Gel polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene Macroporous polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene
Functional Group Sulfonic Acid Type I Quaternary Ammonium
Ionic Form H+ form OH- form
Cation / Anion Volumetric Ratio 40 % 60 %


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Whimar Aquapure Resin DR ULTRA 1000ml 
is in the Categories:

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Water treatment » Filter media » Resin
Technic » RO system » Deionizers and resin

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