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JBL Turtle Sun Terra 10ml - Vital vitamins for turtles

JBL Turtle Sun Terra 10ml - Vital vitamins for turtles
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Price: 4,83Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: JBL Tortoise Sun Terra – Vital vitamins for turtles


To increase vitality and prevent deficiency symptoms such as lack of appetite, swollen eyes, softening of the shell etc.

JBLTortoise SunTerra contains a vitamin complex in liquid form specially balanced to meet the needs of tortoises. Particular attention has been paid to the precise dosage of vitamin A as any overdose may lead to heahh problems in taloises.JBLTortoiseSunTerra maintains health, pre­vents deficiencies occurring and increases appetite, as well as promoting even shell growth.




Shake vigorously before using!


45 - 90 drops per 100 g dry food or 11 - 22 drops per 100 g fresh food. We recommend the following procedure for dry food in order to distribute the vitamins more evenly and to moisten the food to make it easier for tortoises to consume:

Put a small amount of water (1 - 2 ml) onto the measuring spoon provided, add 3 - 5 drops JBL Tortoise Sun Terra and mix. Fill themeasuring spoon to the brim with dry food sticks (e.g. JBL AGIVERT) and wait until the liquid has soaked evenly into the sticks: Finally feed to the tortoises.

1 ml JBL Tortoise Sun Terra = approx. 22 drops

Measuring spoon content = approx. 6 g sticks (e.g.JBL AGIVERT)


As this supplementary food contains a higher percentage of vitamin D: than staple food, it should only make up about 4% of the daily food ration of tortoises.

This applies to staple foods with a minimum of 88 % dry mass. In the case of fresh food, the supplementary food should comprise up to 1 % of the daily food ration.

10 ml contain:

Vit. A:  500 i.E.        Biotin       100 mcg

Vit. B1 1.6 mg         Vit. K         0.3 mg

Vit. B2 5 mg            Folic acid   0.8 mg

Vit. B6 3 mg            Nicotinamide  30 mg

Vit. B12   18 mcg      Choline chloride 300 mg

C   40 mg                 Inoshol     10 mg

D3       500 i.E.        Ca-pantothenate  10 mg

E         15 mg

Supplementary food - store in a cool, dark place - store out of reach of children.

Contents: 10 ml Art. No.: 70442 00 DE RP 33801


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JBL Turtle Sun Terra 10ml - Vital vitamins for turtles 
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