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Tunze DOC Skimmer 9430

Tunze DOC Skimmer 9430
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Price: 577,06Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Tunze DOC Skimmer 9430


The new Master DOC Skimmer 9415/9430, while being very compact, they produce a high flow rate and can be placed comfortably in any plant in the sump. Work with the TUNZE ® Hydrofoamer 9420.04 or 9430.04, whilst ensuring the production of foam and water circulation. Very compact structure: increases the air flow and allows a considerable mixing of air and water, so as to achieve high performance of skimming with a low absorption of watts. The inner cylinder mixing stabilizes the lifts of foam in the body and ensures a water outlet devoid of bubbles.
Processing: the new DOC Skimmer are made with quality materials, assembling cast parts and plastic parts from CNC production. No more complicated settings: mount the pump and enter the skimmer; adjustment
end is obtained by acting on the post-filter.
Uniform performance: the intermediate chamber with phase water and patented Anti Overfoaming prevents spills over the skimmer, regulating the production of foam. Harnessing the energy of the water flow output: all DOC skimmers are fitted with removable post-filter, which allows a perfect mechanical filtration through strands of wool acrylic by 300μm. The post-filter can be loaded with filter media such as activated carbon or phosphate removers.
Easy cleaning: glass and foam reactor are one piece. Wiping the foam cup is rinsed at the same time the reactor, thus ensuring the production of a very constant and efficient foam. During the cleaning process, the Hydrofoamer remains operational and automatically flushes the air passages. Very silent with Hydrofoamer Silence: This pump specifically developed with sound absorption, is equipped with sovraproporzionato polished ceramic shaft and ceramic bearings too. The particularly robust sink and rotor ensures high performance for many years reliable operation, maintenance and with a limited absorption of watts
Technical data
The DOC Skimmer 9430 contains a hydrofoamer
Silence 9430.04,
for aquariums up to 3,000 liters
immersion depth of 100 to 200 mm without
230 V / 50 Hz (115 V / 60 Hz) 32 W,

1.600 l / h water, about 1,100 l / h air
Anti Overfoaming
The DOC Skimmer possess a very high capacity of air and consequently high sensitivity to protein. The "Anti Overfoaming" patented avoids the overflow skimmer, which may occur for example in the following cases: excessive organic load due to the decomposition of a large animal; newly set up aquarium with living stones rising of the water level in the tank filtering, addition of liquid additives, introduction of corals etc..
The "Anti Overfoaming" provides three operating modes:
Normal production of foam: foam rises regularly in the reactor, all water levels are optimal for maximum yield of skimming.
Overfoaming I: the production of foam increases because of the surface tension, the water level (1) in the intermediate chamber salt, the water flows dall'apposita output compensation
and extracts so the air bubbles from the reactor. The amount of foam in the reactor (3) in this way is reduced by one.
Overfoaming II: the production of foam increases further, as well as the water level (1) in the intermediate chamber, entering in the air circuit (4) dell'Hydrofoamer: the production of bubbles in the reactor (3) is immediately interrupted, decreases the amount of foam. Once improved water parameters, the skimmer will work normally.

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Tunze DOC Skimmer 9430 
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