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Tunze Calcium Automat 3172

Tunze Calcium Automat 3172
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calcium reactor for marine aquariums

In 1989 TUNZE® Aquarientechnik GmbH was the first manufacturer to develop a calcium reactor adjusted with CO2. The water enriched with carbon dioxide, driven by a circulation pump, through the hardness granulate. The carbon dioxide reacts with water and is transformed into carbonic acid, dissolving the calcium carbonate; the hardened water leaves the reactor. The new generation of automatic calcium includes three devices:

The Comline® Calcium Automat 3170 for 150 to 500 liter aquariums has been developed in particular for internal use in the aquarium (the majority of the devices of this type is only for the filtering equipment under the aquarium), but can be placed in a filter under the aquarium with a low water level.
The Calcium Automat 3171 is suitable for filtration systems under the aquarium and for aquariums up to 1,200 liters; It has a capacity of 1.85 liters of granulate.
The Calcium Automat 3172, for filtration systems under the aquarium and for aquariums up to 2,000 liters, depending on the population of corals, has a capacity of 10 liters of granules for a particularly high degree of efficiency.

All models are self-priming and this greatly facilitates their operation. The water flow rate is set upstream of the granulate and then remains very constant over time. All devices are equipped with repechage device of the undissolved gas and therefore consume very little CO2, which is considered the degree of effectiveness. The 3171 and 3172 models are equipped with lid with large opening and have a special attachment to an internal pH sensor (optional in 3170).

Calcium Automat 3172:

     for marine aquariums of over 2000 liters depending on the population of corals.
     Power Consumption: 17 W
     Voltage / frequency: 230V / 50Hz (115V / 60Hz)
     Cable length: 2 m
     external use, or in the filter tank (recommended), self-priming
     Charge volume: 10 liters, without material
     Dimensions (L x W x H): 310 x 250 x 520 mm




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Tunze Calcium Automat 3172 
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