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Tunze 3168.000 Comline MultiFilter

Tunze 3168.000 Comline MultiFilter
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Price: 133,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Tunze 3162.000 Comline Filter 3162


Recommended for freshwater aquariums and marine, from 200 to 500 liters depending on the load, immersion depth: from ca. 270mm to 290mm in the aquarium and min. 250mm filter plants in the aquarium, the pump flow rate ranging from 500 to 2.100l / h, 10-18W, 230V / 50Hz (115V / 60Hz), dimensions with Magnet Holder: lungh.140 largh.110 x x alt. 300mm, Silence magnet holder for glass thickness of up to 15mm.

Comline Multifilter 3168 (1) is a mechanical filter quick aquariums from 200 to 500 liters, complete and ready to use with filter cartridge replacement fast, Comline Pump 2000 Magnet Holder Silence. The Multifilter can fish is water on the bottom is water on the surface. The pump flow is very easy to adjust between 500 and 100 l / h. For suction surface fully functional and the necessary compensation of the evaporated water, can be fitted directly on the filter body of a Osmolator 3155. Instead of the filter cartridges 800.01 inserted in factory condition, you can use your choice cartridges with cloth of coal 800.03 or refilled cartridges 870/871 for carbon, Quickphos, Silphos wadding or dissolved.

The internal filter is also a universal for all filter materials. And 'enough to replace two-piece (supplied) and the Multifilter turns into an internal filter with a universal filter volume of 1200cm³. At this point it can be loaded with any kind of micro or macro-cellulose wadding dissolved, activated carbon or other filter materials; It integrates as a main filter in an aquarium from 200 to 500 liters, but is also indicated as additional filter for filtering a targeted (activated carbon, zeolite etc.) in plants more voluminous.

Silicone pads on Multifilter avoid the transmission of vibrations to the aquarium glass

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Tunze 3168.000 Comline MultiFilter 
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