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Tunze 3163.000 Comline StreamFilter 3163

Tunze 3163.000 Comline StreamFilter 3163
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Price: 68,89Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Tunze 3163.000 Comline StreamFilter 3163


The Comline® Streamfilter 3163 is the first aquarium filter with an integrated Turbelle® nanostream® propeller pump. It is characterized by the very high flow rate provides while at the same time consuming very little power. The filter features a modern flow and filtration solution for aquariums from 60 to 400 liters (16 and 105 US gal.), and combines several functions in a single unit:
(1) Refillable with any kind of loose micro and macrocotton but also with a filter bag with loose active carbon or other filter media (see accessories).
(2) Surface suction with surface film removal. (3) Bottom suction for heavy particles and sediments. (4) Can be retrofitted with an automatic heater up
to 75 W. (5) Can be retrofitted with Osmolator® water level
control. (6) Patented Magnet holder for a glass thickness of
up to 12 mm (3/8”). (7) Flow and filtering with nanostream® filter pump
3163.200 - 1,800 l/h (475 US gal./h).

Streamfilter pump 3163.200

The Streamfilter pump 3163.200 is a compact propeller pump, Turbelle nanostream® specially adapted for the Streamfilter 3163. The innovative synchronous motor is based on the latest stateof-the-art in technology and offers very high reliability requiring less servicing and at less current consumption. The connection to third-party devices (2), such as electronic switches or speed control devices is not allowed!

Technical data:

Streamfilter pump 3163.200

Flow rate: approx. 1,800 l/h (475.5 USgal./h).

Power consumption: 3.5 W Voltage / frequency: 230V/50 Hz (115V/60 Hz)

Cable length: 2 m



Water level regulation with the TUNZE® Osmolator®

The infrared sensor of the TUNZE® Osmolator® can be mounted directly on the rear side of the filter. This position ensures optimum water level for the TUNZE® Comline® - series in a very compact design (1).
Remove the holder for the optical probe (2) from the Magnet Holder for two sensors 3155.600 (3) using a screwdriver (4). Plug the holder for the optical probe into the Osmolator® opening (5) at the top rear of the Comline®.
Introduce the working sensor (cable upwards) (6), then lift up until the stop position is reached and lock it by turning.
Attach the safety sensor (cable downwards) to a separate holder.
Please observe the notes in the Osmolator instructions x3155.8888, Chapter “Position selection of the sensors in the aquarium”.

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Tunze 3163.000 Comline StreamFilter 3163 
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