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Tropic Marin
Tropic Marin
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Tropic Marin Phos Start 75gr

Tropic Marin Phos Start 75gr
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Price: 16,06Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Tropic Marin® Phos-Start is based on the nutrient supply mechanisms seen in the natural coral reef environment. Insoluble, particulate excretions of fish or plankton supply corals with phosphate and all other necessary substances which are responsible for an intact microbiology, strong coral growth and beautiful colors. Tropic Marin® has applied this knowledge in a novel product for the start-up of reef aquariums. 

Tropic Marin® Phos-Start can be used to start all types of marine aquariums but is particularly well suited for starting reef aquariums using fully cured rock or reef ceramics and for bare bottom reef aquariums. Such aquariums have a low supply of organic bacterial food and nutrients to stimulate bacterial and coralline algae growth. Tropic Marin® Phos-Start will fill the gap in nutrient and mineral supply in those aquariums and promote good coralline algae growth. It also prepares the aquarium to support and grow corals, including the most sensitive SPS corals. 

The microbiome is supplied with vital particulate phosphate as well as bacterial food, calcium, and trace elements as fine particles. The nutrients are dosed in a targeted manner, avoiding unwanted nutrient increases in the water column. Later, in the young aquarium, these particles can be easily filtered out of the water and utilized by the corals resulting in increased coral growth with natural forms in the skeletal structure and bright colors, just like in a thriving coral reef under natural conditions.

Enormously broad spectrum of action, best dosage control and optimum effectiveness through the use of insoluble particulate ingredients. Inspired by the best natural biological principles.


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Tropic Marin Phos Start 75gr 
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