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Tropic Marin
Tropic Marin
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Tropic Marin Orginal Balling Liquid Set 3 x 1.000 ml

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Price: 30,98Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Tropic Marin 26504 Bio Calcium Liquid Set 3 x 1000ml



Corals and other invertebrates use calcium from the seawater in which they live. While there is an inexhaustible supply of calcium in the ocean, in the marine aquarium, calcium and alkalinity are depleted quickly.
To support the healthy, natural growth of corals, a balanced calcium supplementation is essential. In recent years, Bio-Calcium as a powdered one part product has become the leading calcium additive for seawater aquaria on the market due to its proven efficiency with the calcification of corals and its easy use. Bio-Calcium Liquid SET now offers the same efficiency in a liquid form. To avoid precipitations, Bio-Calcium Liquid has to be divided in three supplementary solutions: three bottles with three different liquids (A, B, C). The formula has been adapted in a way that the three different liquids can be dosed with the same quantity. These solutions should be added to the tank water separately either directly or by a dosing pump. Adding Bio-Calcium Liquid as directed, creates highly efficient calcium supplementation to the aquarium while still maintaining the ionic balance and pH.


  • Identical with Bio-Calcium powder;
  • Adds calcium and CO2 in the biologically ideal form;
  • Maintains the ionic balance;
  • No effect on pH;
  • The liquids can be added directly to the aquarium water;
  • Ideal for the use of automatic dosage systems;
  • Unlimited durability.

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Tropic Marin Orginal Balling Liquid Set 3 x 1.000 ml 
is in the Categories:

Home » Water treatment » Marine Water » Balling Method

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