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JBL TopClean II

JBL TopClean II
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Price: 17,09Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: JBL TopClean II


Surface aspiration for aquariums of 2 nd generation, keeps the surface clean and clear water, effectively eliminating dirt and foreign matter. Improves oxygenation of the water.

The JBL TopClean II automatically deletes the foreign bodies from the water surface, such as dirt particles, and organic vegetable remnants, etc.. thus improve oxygenation in soft water aquariums and marine.
With its elegant angular shape the TopClean II is easily positioned at the corners of the aquarium where it does not disturb the view

The comb float is always able to break the surface.
The base body and the suction pipe are separable, thus making the vacuum cleaner JBL TopClean suitable for aquariums with a minimum height of 35 cm.





All the features of the vacuum cleaner JBL TopClean:

     keeps the water clear and clean the surface and promotes the oxygenation of the aquarium
     New: Optimized float (more thrust, comb float more powerful, new inner form) and removable metering valve
     automatically cleans the water surface, thus providing for enhanced level of oxygen in fresh or salt water aquariums
     the discrete form, can be applied to the corners of the aquarium, where it does not disturb the view
     suitable for aquarium height min. 35 cm
     the comb float is suitable for water in all conditions
     can be connected to the suction pipe of the external filter (suitable for pipes 9/12, 12/16 and 16/22)

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JBL TopClean II 
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