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Tetra Nitrate Minus 250ml

Tetra Nitrate Minus 250ml
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Price: 6,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Tetra Nitrate Minus 250ml





Transforms the substrate to the bottom of each aquarium in a real denitrator filter.

Comes in the form of small white beads, spread evenly in the bottom substrate, are able to "feed" the anaerobic flora up to 12 months.


The ingredient they are made becomes food for bacteria that use oxygen content in nitrates NO3 =).

The remaining nitrogen (N2) is released in gaseous form, thus eliminating irreversibly nitrates.

Improves water quality and keep algae growth under control: in fact, eliminated the nitrate, a major nutrient of algae, the growth of the latter is reduced significantly.

The aquarium is maintained in excellent condition and maintenance is simplified greatly.

Has a stabilizing effect on the KH and pH.


When used in aquariums with high levels of nitrate or in combination with other products that stabilize the carbonate hardness, as TetraAqua EasyBalance, KH levels could rise, albeit gradually ensures a constant supply of carbon dioxide (CO2), resulting beneficial effect on plant growth.

Not develop if ammonia or nitrite introduced into tanks where it is used regularly TetraAqua EasyBalance (acting on phosphates in particular), the growth of algae and maintenance are minimized.


Easy to use: just mix NitrateMinus with gravel, making sure that the pearls are well distributed and covered by gravel, possibly with the aid of a stick or tube drive aerator


Lasts a long time: about 12 months.

The dosage should be repeated when no longer detects (via Tetratest = NO3) concentration of nitrates low and constant for freshwater and marine aquariums.

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Tetra Nitrate Minus 250ml 
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