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Tetra Malawi Granules 250ml/93gr

Tetra Min Bio Active
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Price: 7,45Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Tetra Malawi Granules, first quality granulated feed with a special blend of seaweed that makes it the ideal choice for all herbivorous cichlids.

The Tetra Malawi Granules are ideal as basic food for all herbivorous cichlids, like the fish that feed on algae from the "Mbuna" group. The superior quality blend consists of algae of the species Spirulina (20%), Nori (17%) and Chlorella (3%) and is specially formulated to meet the needs of this species. The good reasons are many. First of all, the naturally occurring Mbuna cichlids continuously feed on the algae that grow on the rocks. Because these algae have a relatively low nutrient content, the fish are forced to feed continuously to meet their daily energy needs. In an aquarium, cichlids maintain the same eating habits. This means that they will eagerly eat everything that is offered to them and, in the case of feed with high energy content, this behavior quickly translates into overweight. Therefore, it is even more important to guarantee these fishes a diet that contains all the essential vitamins and nutrients, without excessive energy intake. The Tetra Malawi Granules meet exactly these criteria: the Spirulina platensis algae, with a high protein content, promotes the health of the cichlid's immune system, the Chlorella alga is rich in essential fatty acids and the Nori algae guarantees the contribution of important fibers and minerals. The feed is also rich in important nutrients and proteins of plant origin that guarantee good digestion and vitality of the fish. The high protein content of the Spirulina algae is then supplemented by two other species. In general, the Tetra Malawi Granules are the ideal solution as basic feed for all herbivorous cichlids of the Mbuna group, but also for the cichlids of all the other species.

Especially suitable for all herbivide cichlids
Rich in important nutrients and proteins of plant origin
Superior quality algae mixture of the species Spirulina platensis (20%), Nori (17%) and Chlorella (3%)
Promotes good digestion and vitality of cichlids

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Tetra Malawi Granules 250ml/93gr 
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