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Tetra Min Junior Bioactive small fish and fry 100 ml

Tetra Min Junior Bioactive small fish and fry 100 ml
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Price: 2,30Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Tetra Min Junior Bioactive small fish and fry 100 ml


TETRAMINE, feed favorite aquarium fish, now becomes the new TETRAMINE BIOACTIVE: the best of the best.

E 'enriched with a special patented formula BIOACTIVE TETRA: a unique preparation rich in nitrogen, which keeps the fish in perfect health, helps them overcome any source of stress and stimulates their immune systems, making them very long-lived.

TETRAMINE BIOACTIVE Sprizze FOR HEALTH: and 'enriched with immunostimulants, which allow to increase the defensive barriers against major fish pathogens.
These substances activate the cells that defend against diseases first, in some cases immediately kill the infection, other aid substantially the immune system to erect barriers that permanently delete the aggressor.

TETRAMINE BIOACTIVE greatly increases the resistance to disease and dramatically reduces the mortality of fish, even the most 'weak.

-------------------------------------------------- - A full strength !-------------------------------------------- -----

The omega 3 fatty acids are essential, therefore, must necessarily be introduced into the body through food.
For this TETRA has chosen to include them in TETRAMINE BIOACTIVE They interact directly with the composition of the cell membrane of the fish and, indirectly, through the production of immunologically active substances such as eicosanoids, allowing the fish to react in case of infection, injury or trauma.

--------------------------------------- A backlash against stress ---- -----------------------------

TETRAMINE BIOACTIVE contains an anti-stress agent, a totally new and exclusive.

Designed and tested by researchers TETRA, protects your fish from sudden changes of chemical parameters, from territorial battles with other aggressive species, transport, dall'acclimatazione, therapies and disease, the abrupt changes of the water ..... In short, from all sources of stress that may make them more 'vulnerable.
As if that 'not enough, strengthens their immune system and makes them more' strong and active.

---------------------------------------------- ENERGY FOR HAPPY GUIZZA --------------------------------------

A diet low in vitamins, though rich in other nutrients, reduces the energy of your fish and compromises health.

TETRAMINE BIOACTIVE thought of that, ensuring proper supply of vitamins, essential for complex chemical reactions that regulate the organization of ornamental fish and for their longevity.

Furthermore TETRAMINE BIOACTIVE is rich in biotin, a water-soluble vitamin that boosts the synthesis of fatty acids, like Omega 3.

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Tetra Min Junior Bioactive small fish and fry 100 ml 
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