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JBL K Test Set

JBL K Test Set
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Price: 16,49Euro [TaxInc]
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Test for the determination of potassium in freshwater and marine

The kit JBL K Kalium Test-Set is used for measurement and control of the regular
potassium content in freshwater aquariums, in a field that ranges from
2 to 15 mg / l (ppm). In seawater potassium is present in concentrations
of about 390-400 mg / l, however, is consumed only in minimal amounts. here
a content of potassium is too high can lead to a danger to animals
sensitive such as shrimp.

Potassium is one of the macroelements that is taken from the water plants
sweet very quickly and efficiently within a few hours and below
temporarily stored. Growing plants have a demand for
high potassium in comparison to other elements. Despite fertilization
regular (eg. weekly) aquarium, potassium can drop so to
minimum values and the plants block their growth. Unlike biotopes
natural, tap water is low in potassium, especially compared to the
concentrations of calcium and magnesium. We recommend starting with a
daily measurement of potassium in your aquarium water.
You detect the needs of the plants and adjust proportionally
dosage of fertilizer. Then you can switch to a regular measurement periods
longer. For good plant growth the value must be between 5 and 10
mg / l; in aquariums to strong light, ie from 1 W / l illuminance,
the value must be between 10 and 20 mg / l. Higher odds of potassium in the water
aquarium favor the growth of threadlike green algae.

Help for fresh water:

Potassium value too low (<5 mg / l): fertilization JBL Ferropol,
JBL Fe + microcells and especially fertilization daily with JBL
ProScape K Macroelements.
Potassium value too high (> 20 mg / l): Repeat the measurement after 24
hours. If then the value is still too high, make a change
partial water.

Help for sea water:

We do not recommend further additions of potassium in seawater because of
his venom for various organisms. A regular partial water change
provides for a balance of potassium in the aquarium seawater.

Instructions for use of the test potassium in fresh:

1. Rinse the tube short a few times with the water to be tested.
2. With the syringe attached fill the short tube with 15 drops of water from
3. Add 10 drops of reagent 1 and mixed by shaking.
4. Add 1 level tablespoon of large spoon (head off
end of the double spoon attached reagent 2 and shake
slightly for about 30 seconds, until the powder is dissolved. The water
becomes whitish and opaque. Let stand for 1 minutes and then stir
slightly again.
5. Ask questions on the cross color graphic tube for reading
potassium content.
6. The following procedure should be carried out in broad, diffuse light.
The turbid water is filled until the pipe for reading until the
cross on color paper through the veil from above is no longer visible
measuring tube.
7. The potassium content can now be read on the scale of the measuring tube
(Bottom of the meniscus).

Instructions for use of the test of potassium in seawater:

1. Dilute the aquarium water to be examined 1:30 with water free potassium
or distilled water (eg. JBL Dest), for example by bringing 10 ml to 300 ml.
2. The next steps correspond to those of the instructions for fresh water.
3. The test result should be multiplied by a factor of 30.

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JBL K Test Set 
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