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JBL SymecMicro. Filter mat for the fast removal of micro-fine clouding.

JBL SymecMicro. Filter mat for the fast removal of micro-fine clouding.
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Price: 6,20Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: JBL SymecMicro. Filter mat for the fast removal of micro-fine clouding.




JBL´s got it: the first filter floss against cloudiness without UV-C light!

Now thanks to JBL research, floating algae (green water), bacterial cloudiness (white water) as well as all other kinds of floating material can be easily and safely removed by the new JBL SymecMicro without the use of expensive UV-C water clarifiers.

This new type of filter floss can be used in any design of filter. A pack of JBL SymecMicro contains a floss mat measuring 250 x 750 mm, which can be simply cut with scissors to the size required. This means that the new filter material can be used in any external or internal filter.

The SymecMicro material is 1.45 mm thick and white in colour. Any dirt can be seen immediately. The new floss material is suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater. JBL SymecMicro is neutral in water i. e. it does not release any substances into the water and has no influence on pH levels or other water values.

Summing up : At last a simple way to remove even the finest cloudiness from the water without any sophisticated technical equipment. A really useful addition to the JBL filter range, which already includes 25 different products.



JBL SymecMicro is a dense fleece made of water-neutral artificial fibres, which removes micro-fine clouding from aquarium water in the shortest possible time. Simply cut the fleece approx. 1-2 mm larger than the diameter of the filter and place in the filter as the final filtering stage. There should be no gaps between the innerwall of the filter and the fleece. Only use a single layer of the fleece! After 12 to 24 hours the aquarium water will be crystal-clear. Than remove the fleece together with the filtered particles of dirt from the filter as the flow of water may otherwise become severely reduced. JBL SymecMicro filters out all particles larger than 1/1000 mm (like diatom filters), such as swarm spores of white spot disease. Tip: discoloration caused, for example, by medication or wood roots can be efficiently removed using JBL CarboMec Activ.



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JBL SymecMicro. Filter mat for the fast removal of micro-fine clouding. 
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