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ATI Supplements Kalium 1000ml

ATI Supplements Kalium 1000ml
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Price: 18,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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ATI Supplements Kalium, to maintain optimal levels of potassium in marine tanks


The importance of potassium in marine organisms is more evident when used in aquariums with depletion of potassium concentrations and / or in aquariums where the mixture of sea salt used is low in potassium. In these cases, visible changes in many corals can be observed from the first weeks of dose adjustment.
Maintaining the potassium concentration around 390-410 ppm is sufficient in the long term for the health, growth and coloration of the corals when all other physical and chemical requirements are met.
The potassium rate that is extracted from the water is determined by the density of the aquarium population, by the characteristics of the devices and lighting methods used, by the type of filtering and by other biological, physical, chemical and conditional factors, therefore, each aquarium will have different calculation requirements to quantify the potassium rate to be added. Once the potassium absorption rate in the aquarium is determined, the correct dosage can easily be calculated.


10 ml of product in 100 liters increase potassium levels of 10 mg / l.

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ATI Supplements Kalium 1000ml 
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