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SuperHIFood Granules 50Gr

SuperHIFood Granules 50Gr
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Price: 9,20Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: SuperHIFood Granules 50Gr

Ingredients:   Proteins from marine organisms, marine algae, torula yeast, wheat gluten, soy lecithin, betanine, mineral salts premix, HUFA and vitamins.

Typical analysis: Protein 56,6%; Lipid 13,8%; Fibre 5,0%; Ash 11,0%; Vitamin C 1.000 ppm; Vitamin E 300 ppm; Vitamin A 40.000 IU/kg; Vitamin D3 4.000 IU/kg; Vitamin K3 315 mg/kg; Moisture 6,5%;
Size: 1.500 microns


Excellent, physical stability in water, extremely desirable and digestible. It does not leave any greasy residue. Low hygroscopic level.


SHG Granules has been formulated as the natural food continuation for both marine and freshwater tropical ornamental fry, after its weaning off with live food, for its growth and life as an adult fish. High quality ingredients only, worked by
the most modern technological processes, along with controlled process temperatures.
Profiting from our wide experience in the nutritional problems of the weaning off and the growth, we have produced
and improved a perfectly complete balanced formulation able to assure the highest growth index.
The composition of the Granulato has the same nutritional profile of enriched rotifers, artemia and algae.

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SuperHIFood Granules 50Gr 
is in the Categories:

Home » Food » Freshwater food » Granular/Pellet
Food » Saltwater food » Granules/Pellets

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