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SunSun HJB-120 - electromagnetic air pump

SunSun HJB-120 - electromagnetic air pump
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Price: 165,01Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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If you are keen on giving a good care to the fish and plants in your garden pond or aquarium, you should ensure a proper ventilation. It sets the water in motion, enriches it with oxygen and fosters the development of beneficial bacteria. However, this important process can slow down, especially at warm temperatures. The increasing temperatures in ponds or aquariums can cause oxygen deficiency. As a result, the water ecosystem gets out of balance and the fish begin to suffer from oxygen lack that can threaten their health. What's more, the lack of oxygen leads to the formation of harmful bacteria and algae. At warm temperatures as well as in cold weather. Without aeration, the garden pond would freeze in winter and its inhabitants would not be able to breathe, because of the stagnant water.The proper ventilation makes sure that the water will remain in motion and will not freeze. Therefore, the use of a ventilation system is of crucial importance.

The low-noise SunSun HJB electromagnetic aquarium air pump efficiently performs this important task.

The pump housing is made of a high quality aluminum alloy. Its streamlined design makes heat dissipation more effective than in conventional pumps. This air pump is powered by an electric magnet motor and generates a constant water ventilation.

For a long-lasting and proper air pump operation, please mount it above the water level. Otherwise, the water would flow backwards and not provide the necessary ventilation. Alternatively, the electromagnetic air pump may be combined with a check valve.

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SunSun HJB-120 - electromagnetic air pump 
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