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Simalai pH Controller with 12V Solenoid valve

Simalai pH Controller with 12V Solenoid valve
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Price: 187,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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The Simalai pH Controller is an automatic device that allows you to continuously monitor in real time the pH value present in the tank and to intervene if this value does not fall within the set safety range.

The model with built-in 12V solenoid valve must be used in "High" mode if you need to have a pH level in the tank that is not higher than the desired value; in this case the controller, once the probe detects a pH higher than the set range, passes current by supplying the supplied solenoid valve which will open and allow CO2 to be introduced into the tank.

The Controller will leave the solenoid valve open until the CO2 introduced into the tank will cause the pH to drop below the set maximum value.

The "Low" mode, on the other hand, is to be selected if you want a pH that is not lower than the desired range; in this case it is necessary to purchase the model with controlled 220V socket to which to connect a system that allows raising the level of acidity in the tank (eg a pH filter).



Main screen:

Once the association with the home Wi-Fi network has been made, you'll see a page with the following items:

- PH Safe Range: value range within which the measured pH is to be considered acceptable; if the pH is outside this range, the device will issue an alarm

- Control Value: if the measured pH is higher (or lower depending on the HI / LO mode) than 0.1 compared to this value, the cotroller will power the connected device (solenoid valve, pH filter, etc.)

- Type: shows if the controller is operating in "High" or "Low" mode

- Temp: shows on the screen the temperature in the tank detected by the probe

- Control Ports: shows if the controller is powering the connected device


The button at the bottom left allows you to enter the screen for changing the measurement settings:

- Safety value: setting of the tolerability range

- Control Value: pH value beyond which (or below which if in "Low" mode) the controller must power the connected device; if this value is zero, the control function is deactivated

- Higher / Lower Control: detection mode selector


we recommend performing a controller calibration on first use and, subsequently, at least once a month.

The product must be calibrated in three points: 4.00, 6.86 and 9.18:

    rinse the electrode with clean water (even better in a KCL solution)
    immerse the electrode in a solution at pH 4.00 for about 5-8 minutes
    when "mV" has reached a stable value, touch the "4.0" key to complete the calibration procedure
    repeat the procedure for points 6.86 and 9.18
    save the data by touching the "Save" button and then use the electrode in your aquarium

Package Contents:

- pH controller, dimensions mm65x65x35; power cord length 110cm

- pH electrode with standard BNC connection; cable length 70cm

- temperature probe with 3.5mm connection and 120cm length

- 12V solenoid valve with 100cm cable

- adjustable electrode holder in acrylic for glass up to 16mm

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Simalai pH Controller with 12V Solenoid valve 
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