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JBL SilikatEx Rapid 400gr

JBL SilikatEx Rapid 400gr
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Price: 24,67Euro [TaxInc]
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Prevent the diatomas by removing the silicates

How to have a nice aquarium without the annoying algae

Diatoms form a brunastra patina on the plants, on the bottom and on the decoration in the aquarium. They form when the water contains more than 0.4 mg / l silicic acid (SiO2). Silicic acid usually comes through the tap water. This acid serves the diathomees for the formation of their skeleton. To combat it, it is enough to remove the silicic acid from the water: the diatomas die or even can not form.

Diatoms are not poisonous or harmful. In Tanganyana and Malawi lakes, they are even a part of the nutritional base for Cyclides feeding on Aufwuchs. But the algae can form brunettes that do not look nice and we want to eliminate them.

Diatomaceous / glutinous algae difference
The two groups of algae can look like a lot. But when you get it between your fingers, you feel the difference: the glittery algae look viscid-skinned, while the diatomas are rough.

Special filtering
SilikatEx removes silicates from freshwater and marine aquariums, depriving undesirable diatoms (brown plaques), often appearing after adding fresh water and their food resources. Among other things, SilikatEx also removes phosphates, thus controlling the growth of other algae. The filtering material creates living conditions as in a biotope.

Filter material for the removal of silicic acid (silicates) from the freshwater and marine, leading to the formation of diatomas
Rinse, pour into the attached drawer and place in the filter. Rinse after one or two weeks
Diatoms can form bad brunette plaques on gravel, decoration and plants
With the JBL Silikat Test it examines the silicates content. Values ​​below 0.4 mg / l of silicates prevent the formation of diatomas.
Guaranteed efficiency: bonds up to 30,000 mg of silicate (SiO2) / kg. Closure and closure clips included

400gr of product handle up to 200-440 liters

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JBL SilikatEx Rapid 400gr 
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