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Sicce ZeroNitra Dolce 2x70gr

Sicce ZeroNitra Dolce 2x70gr
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Price: 16,58Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Sicce ZeroNitra Dolce 2x70gr



The nitrates are derived from the composition of food debris, the remains of plants and fish excreta and constitute the 'last stage of the cycle decomposition of nitrogen rsidui. In limited quantities they are necessary for the development of plants. L 'excessive accumulation of phosphates in water favors the proliferation of algae which, besides being unsightly elements, can slow down the growth of plants and damage the health of the fish.

ZeroNitra Dolce frees' aquarium by nitrates in 48 hours and keeps the level at an appropriate concentration.

The 'effectiveness of ZeroPhos Dolce is variable and depends on the organic load present in the aquarium, the density of population and the specific conditions of' water.

It is advisable to periodically check the level of nitrates with special tests.

ZeroNitra Dolce is suitable for all aquariums, does not alter the pH, it is not harmful for the guests of 'aquarium and reduces the silicates dissolved in water.

Indications' use:

remove the protective plastic bag from the single-dose and insert it in the 'aquarium

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Sicce ZeroNitra Dolce 2x70gr 
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