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Sicce HyperCarbo Cocco 3x100gr

Sicce HyperCarbo Cocco 3x100gr
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Price: 9,89Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Sicce HyperCarbo Cocco 3x100gr


Derived from the decomposition of organic substances harmful to 'ecological balance of' aquarium. In nature, these substances are diluted in large masses' water and then used and degraded by normal biological cycle. In aquariums, given the greater concentration of living organisms, it is often necessary to use the filter materials that sequester these substances.

L 'use of HyperCarbo Coconut lets achieve a good biological balance.

L 'use is also recommended following administration of curative treatments and for the' elimination of heavy metals.

HyperCarbo Cocco allows different types of filtration:

     absorbent action slow and prolonged in time: electrostatically attracts the substances
     mechanical action: Capture the particles in suspension in its porosity
     Action biology houses in its cavity the good bacteria responsible for nitrification

Indications' use:

Remove from HyperCarco Coconut protective plastic bag, rinse with warm water or water taken from 'aquarium.

Only after this operation (degassing) the product can be introduced into the filter, ensuring that the entire flow d 'water will pass through, but it almost touches only.

HyperCarbo Cocco can be used for long periods, but if they consgilia replacement after 30 days.

HyperCarbo Cocco is particularly suitable for marine aquariums.

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Sicce HyperCarbo Cocco 3x100gr 
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Water treatment » Filter media » Active carbon

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