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Sicce HyperBacto 150ml

Sicce HyperBacto 150ml
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Price: 17,42Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Sicce HyperBacto 150ml



In the aquatic world, the 'biological balance is regulated by colonies of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria which degrade harmful organic substances, eliminating the' water. This bacterial flora is not present in the aquarium of new production, and may be subject to changes during the cleaning and change d 'water, or as a result of administration of curative treatments, with negative consequences on the health of' aquarium.

HyperBacto contains "good" bacteria active now for a 'super-fast action, not dangerous for the' man and fish, which feed on the toxic nitrogen compounds, eliminating them.

And 'specific emergency response: If you are vlaori relevant measured ammonia and nitrite, milky water or in cases where you need to quickly introduce new fish in aquariums.

HyperBactoattiva quickly:

     l 'elimination of organic substances, ammonia and nitrites, by oxidation, in fitlri action aerobics
     greater protection of fish from disease because bacterial flora filter is stable antagonist aenti pathogens

Indications' use:

In case of emergencies Pollution nitrites and ammonia, or acuqario again: Day 1 20ml per 50 liters of 'water, Day 2 10ml per 50 liters of' water, Day 3 10ml per 50 liters of 'water.

After treatment with medicines: 10ml per 50 liters of 'water.

at each change d 'water in aquariums or as a weekly treatment with special organic load: 5ml per 50 liters of' water.

In case of emergency of pollution from nitrite and ammonia is recommended l 'combined use of Sicce HyperZeo and an increase in the movement of' water, because in this phase the bacteria require more oxygen.

In the case of new aquarium is recommended to treat the 'water beforehand with the bio condiizonatore.

It can be poured directly into the aquarium.

An overdose of HyperBakto not pose any risk.

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Sicce HyperBacto 150ml 
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