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Sera toxivec - 5000 ml

Sera toxivec - 5000 ml
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Price: 56,49Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Sera toxivec - 5000 ml


The main causes for the mortality of fish in the aquarium and ornamental lakes are unfavorable environmental conditions that are mostly caused by inadequate water quality.

Both the remains of feed that the excrement of the fish as well as dead plants pollute the water to form ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates and others.

Among these are particularly dangerous and ammonium nitrates

ammonium, depending on the pH value is transformed into ammonia, which is extremely poisonous, for example, that burns the gills.

Nitrites toxins are very dangerous for the fish because they are already in very small quantities are lethal.


Elimination of nitrite and ammonium:

Normally in a well functioning aquarium bacterial flora eliminates the ammonium nitrate and nitrites, transforming, non-hazardous.

Also the bacterial flora, as well as all other biological systems, it must adapt to the special conditions in the aquarium, in other words means that if you suddenly increase the amount of ammonium and nitrite, should spend a few days to bring these values to habitual levels.

The only alternative to date had changed the water more or less consistent, with which, however, the bacterial flora was automatically weakened.

By evening toxivec, evening offers a poison with which the contents of ammonium and nitrite can be lowered within 60/90 minutes so evident.

Each dose of normal evening toxivec lowers the ammonium content and / or nitrites by about 30/50%, however, where the most can be eliminated with the usual dosage 1.3 mg / l of ammonium and / or 0.75 mg / l of nitrite (= 0.23 mg / l NO2-N).

If the amount of poison is higher you should increase the dosage, according to the instructions for use, and redose after 1 or 2 hours.

In this way the evening toxivec allows to introduce the fish in the aquarium much more rapidly and in case of poisoning prevents damage to the fish immediately and effectively until it develops a bacterial culture sufficiently large.  

Added to this is that evening toxivec prevents the formation of high levels of nitrates and nitrites as ammonium are removed first so that it can form nitrates.


Elimination of chlorine and coramina:

The evening toxivec can also be used to remove chlorine and chloramines from tap water.

Can be used after completing treatment with medicines.

With a normal dose can remove up to 3.4 mg / l of chlorine, ie 13.7 mg / l of chloramine-T immediate and secure.

Other disinfectants or medicines such as eg. methylene blue, malachite green, potassium permanganate, you can always remove immediately and safely.


Bind heavy metals:

In addition to those already listed, the evening toxivec also acts against heavy metals.

With his usual dosage binds up to 0.4 mg / l copper or zinc or even up to 1.4 mg / l of lead or mercury.

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Sera toxivec - 5000 ml 
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