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Sera Air 110 R Plus Aerator

Sera Air 110 R Plus Aerator
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Price: 9,10Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Sera Air 110 R Plus Aerator


The next-generation night air aerators 110, evening and night air air 275 R R 550 they are electrically adjustable aerators particularly powerful.
With their flow of air bubbles begin to move the water, favoring a vertical circulation and a more efficient gas exchange surface.

Through a porous stone are ideal for oxygen-enriched water in the aquarium, to operate air filters like the night internal filters L, and to serve decorative elements that are operated with air.

Aerators with electronic night air 275 R and 550 R are also suitable for providing oxygen a lake.

The evening air work reliably, with minimal vibration and are very quiet since they have an envelope thick and soundproof, have also built a device that avoids interference in the reception of mobile phones and radio and television.

To complete the evening air series are available, for greater versatility of individual air vents, the evening air in September

The set of accessories suitable for the evening air 110 is the set "S" that contains everything needed for the operation of a filter L and evening for the aeration of an aquarium up to 200 liters of capacity, includes a silicone tube of 2 meters, porous stone, regulator and safety valve.
As a package of accessories for the evening air 275 R is suitable for the evening air SET "M", which includes a silicone tube of 4 m, 2 porous stones, regulator and 2 safety valves, all necessary for the operation of 1 or 2 decorations or 2 filters evening L300 or L150 evening.
The evening air set "L", with 10 meters of pipe and porous stone of higher quality, is suitable for the evening air 550 R, and is ideal for aerating the lake in summer and avoid the ice during the winter.

Evening air aerators series are certified and TUV are warranted for 24 months.

Technical data:

  • Sera air 110 (230 V 50 Hz)
  • L / h: 108
  • Watts: 3
  • Pressure: approx. 120 mbar
  • Outputs: 1

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Sera Air 110 R Plus Aerator 
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