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Sera NH3/NH4-Test (ammonium/ammonia)

Sera NH3/NH4-Test (ammonium/ammonia)
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Price: 11,65Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: Sera NH3/NH4-Test (ammonium / ammonia)

Content: 3 vials of 15 ml with dropper with reagents 1, 2 and 3, graduated 20 ml tube, chromatic scale.


Sera Ammonium / Ammoniak-test (70 measurements) - The ammonium content shows us how dangerous water pollution. Higher values of ammonium indicate a disturbed activity of bacteria or in aquaria new staging, a bacterial colony underdeveloped. With the test we can determine only the concentration of ammonium in the water. Ammonium is not poisonous, but when the pH exceeds the neutral value (> pH 7) is formed poisonous ammonia.
Therefore, especially in aquariums with a pH above 7 (marine aquariums, aquariums with cichlids of Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika, etc.).'s No danger of poisoning. For this reason it is indispensable to carry on simultaneously, ammonium / ammonia also test the pH. Content of ammonia in the water above 0.02 mg / l causes damage to the gills in a relatively short time. Content of 0.2 mg / l is already hazardous. Starting from 0.5 mg / li fish start to die of suffocation. At a concentration of ammonia is too high can be remedied immediately by lowering the pH value or performing a partial water change. They must also be added to the bacteria that eliminate ammonia or with Sera nitrivec (freshwater) or the Evening Ammovec (in sea water and sweet) and regular water changes should be made to decrease the degree of pollution.

Instructions for use:

Shake well before using the reagents!

  1. Rinse the tube several times with water to be tested and then fill it up to the mark of 10 ml, if you make the measurement with fresh water and up to 5 ml if the measurement made with sea water. Dried, then, the tube externally.
  2. Add 6 drops of reagent 1, respectively, and shake the tube (for Flapping closed with its lid).
  3. Remove the lid, add 6 drops of reagent 2 and agitated.
  4. Remove the lid, add 6 drops of reagent 3 and agitated.
  5. Compare the color after 5 minutes, putting the tube on the color scale on the white side, looking down from the light of day but not in the presence of sunlight.
  6. Determined the value and according to the pH value can determine the content of poisonous ammonia with the help of the table attached to the instructions for use.
  7. Clean: before and after each test is necessary to clean the tube thoroughly with tap water.


The reagent should be stored in cool, dark place.
After use, it is important to reseal the vials carefully, taking care not to swap the caps.

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Sera NH3/NH4-Test (ammonium/ammonia) 
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