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Sera Nature Raffy Vital 1000ml

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Price: 9,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Plant-based foods for Terrestrial turtles and other reptiles


Sera Raffy Vital born in the best way to meet the nutritional needs of tortoises and other reptiles. Raffy Vital is the first feed of the evening devoted specifically to these cute animals. This new high-quality feed, a collaboration with acknowledged experts on reptiles, plants and consists of pellets of feed pellets like all tortoises and other reptiles herbivores.

Technical Information:

It will be a new experience and tasty main meal for turtles and other reptiles herbivores: In nature, turtles and other reptiles, like any other animal, are able to procure for themselves a balanced diet. Animals bred instead depend entirely from food that is given to them.
For this reason, their food must contain all the vital nutrients in amounts proportionate biologically. Of these substances include, for example, calcium, minerals, fiber and vitamins. Reptiles need of these substances for the construction of the skeleton and carapace, as well as to defend against the onset of cramps or paralysis.
Tortoises, much appreciated for their curious and their peaceful attitude, have a particular need in their diet to a high intake of vegetable fiber to combat digestive problems.


This delicious delicacy, rich in fiber, ensures a balanced nutrition and strengthening of Natural Self-Defense. The accurate and balanced with vitamins, minerals and trace elements in Sera Raffy Vital effectively prevents the dreaded softening of the carapace and dell'ossatura (rickets). Depending on the individual tastes of the turtles, this feed may be given mixed with fruit and fresh vegetables.


Sera Raffy Vital is completely free of artificial colors and flavorings.
By Sera Raffy Vital complement and further enrich the range of high quality evening for the terrarium.

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Sera Nature Raffy Vital 1000ml 
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