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Sera Mini Siporax - 1000ml/weight 270gr

Sera Mini Siporax - 1000ml/weight 270gr
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Price: 8,30Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: Sera Mini Siporax - 1000ml / weight 270gr


What it does:

Useful for filtering small type evening Fil 60 and 120

It 'a filtering material, that is a substrate for bacteria (bacteria in the aquarium filter are used to decompose the excrement of the fish and remove the most powerful poisons that are created during the decomposition of organic). Being in an aquarium the concentration of organic matter decomposing very high in relation to the quantity of water, it is obvious that we need a bacterial culture very consistent and very active. Since these bacteria linked to a substrate is obvious that this substrate must be as' large as possible. The effectiveness of a filter in an aquarium is given solely by the ability to offer optimal conditions for the settlement of bacteria.

Comparison with traditional material filter:

the form of "canolicchi" traditional but its surface good for the settlement of bacteria is vastly more 'big. It takes 34 liters of Sera Biopur (and this applies to all other similar products) to offer the same surface that offers a liter of Sera Siporax. In other words: every gram of Sera Siporax offer 1 sq m of usable area for the establishment of the bacteria (with a usable area means that surface that allows the setting up of bacteria. The pores must be connected and open with each other otherwise the surface Profit is only the surface canolicchio).

A liter of Sera Siporax has a usable area of at least 270 square meters (more 'bigger than a tennis court) and is therefore' sufficient to filter up to 200 liters of water in the aquarium. Consequently biological filters inside the aquarium can be built much more 'children, all in favor of space for the fish. The traditional material is ceramic and that when it comes to materials already very good, or clay or similar. The Sera Siporax is a product of high technology. The material is a special glass that is reduced to a fine powder in granumetria perfectly equal. The glass powder is salt masculated special granumetria always equal and fine.

From the above we can 'easily guess that the size and number of pores are perfectly controllable. The whole thing is pressed into shapes and then placed in the oven at controlled temperatures. Grains of powdered glass are bound together by a process that is called sintering. The salt, which has a melting point much more 'top of the glass is dissolved and washed away at a later time.

Other salient features and differences with other similar products:

  • Chemically inert;
  • Does not yield anything to the water (which is glass and the salt is removed completely);
  • Has the pores open;
  • You have a huge area for the establishment of the bacteria without them, for their ill large numbers, can clog the pores;
  • Do not ever wear out;
  • They are easy to clean;
  • After several months of operation, the Sera Siporax is able to eliminate the nitrates as within the walls of canolicchi settled anaerobic bacteria


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Sera Mini Siporax - 1000ml/weight 270gr 
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