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Sera Filter Biostart 50 ml

Sera Filter Biostart 50 ml
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Price: 4,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Sera Filter Biostart 50 ml



Sera filter biostart should be used in new filters, directly on new biological filter media and after filter cleaning.
Sera filter biostart immediately accelerates the biological filter performance, and sets an end to sludge deposits and unpleasant odors. The enzymes break down organic material (uneaten food, fish waste) into smaller fragments. These are then further broken down by the highly active micro organisms in the filter.
Sera biostart filter is a concentration of microorganisms and enzymes that produce highly effective organic substances and prepare for the nitrification accelerate the eradication of mud in the filter that is on the bottom of the aquarium.
The slime is formed from the remains of food, from fish excrement and dead parts of plants. The mud into the cause odors and deteriorating values of the water.


  • Accelerates the natural process of decomposition of the mire
  • Prevents the formation of the slime
  • Cleans the filter and the bottom of the aquarium
  • Ensures the best values of
  • Ensures clean water
  • Diminishes the commitment to maintenance


Instruction for use:

Shake before use. It is a concentrated solution and therefore should not be over-dosed.
Add 5 ml of weekly evening biostart filter every 200 liters of water.
The product should be placed directly on the filter material.
The action of Sera biostart filter is multiplied if the product is used on material with a porosity suitable for the life of microorganisms such as Sera Siporax®

Once opened it is best to store in the refrigerator
Store in a place inaccessible to children and animals
The smell is characteristic of the product


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Sera Filter Biostart 50 ml 
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Home » Water treatment » Freshwater » Bacterya

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