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Seachem Reef Fusion 2 500ml

Seachem Reef Fusion 2 500ml
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Price: 16,29Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Seachem Reef Fusion 2 500ml




Reef Fusion 1 and Reef Fusion 2 are products designed to allow you to maintain constant levels of the main elements necessary to have a healthy reef aquarium.
Reef Fusion 1 contains calcium, while Reef Fusion 2 contains carbonates, used together will create a system that will be able to maintain constant levels of calcium and carbonates.

Reef Fusion 1 contains not only 100,000 mg / l of calcium ion, but also biologically appropriate levels of magnesium, strontium, boron, iron, manganese and molybdenum.

Reef Fusion 2 contains a mixture of carbonates and bicarbonates to an alkalinity of 4400 meq / l., Ideal for restoring and maintaining a proper alkalinity in reef aquaria and to provide the elements needed for the growth of carbonate species limestone.

If used properly, the combination of these two products will be able to maintain stable critical levels of calcium and carbonate needed for a healthy and vigorous growth of your corals, and at the same time regulate the levels of other elements and trace minerals.

Why is it different:

The Reef Fusion system differs from other calcium and carbonate as Reef Fusion 1 and Reef Fusion 2 has been designed to be used together with dosage 1:1, but especially for its high concentration.


Use the product every 1-2 days. Shake well before use. Add 1 mL of Reef Fusion 1 per 25 liters of water in an area with a high degree of water movement. Wait a few minutes then add the same way the product Reef Fusion 2. We recommend you put the two products in two different areas of your tank.

This dose provides 4 mg / l of calcium and 0.176 meq / l of carbonate. Never mix the two products directly. Never exceed the dosage of 4 ml per 25 liters of water per day of each product.

Maintains calcium levels between 410-430 mg / L and those of carbonate between 4-6 meq / l.
Guaranteed Analysis Reef Fusion 1

Values ​​for 1 gram.

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Seachem Reef Fusion 2 500ml 
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