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SCHEGO membrane pumps – ideal - 150 l/h

SCHEGO membrane pumps – ideal - 150 l/h
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Price: 23,18Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

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Product: SCHEGO membrane pumps – ideal - 150 l/h


Very quiet, gently running aquarium pump, continuous regulation, easily replaceable air filter.
Long life, reliable membranes. Trasparent housing with suspension.
Volt: 220-240V/50Hz
Only for use in rooms
max. approved delivery head: H max. 3m
Important: Choose location of the membrane pump above the water surface height of the basin or use sui-table non-return valves to prevent liquid flowing back into the pump.
Observe without fail: Install or fasten the membrane pump when starting up so that the unit cannot fall into the water.
Attach hose connection, plug in mains plug.


Change the prefilter in the base plate regularly if contaminated.
In the case of loss of performance and with strong contamination also change the white pump head:



  • Pull out the mains plug.
  • Loosen the retaining screws on the bottom part and lift off housing cover.
  • Unscrew membrane nut.
  • Loosen retaining screws on the metal rocker.
  • Lift off the metal rocker.
  • Pull off the membrane or replace the complete pump head.

Assembly in the reverse order.
Distance between magnet and coil approx. 1 mm.
If the connection cable of the unit is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its customer service.

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SCHEGO membrane pumps – ideal - 150 l/h 
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