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Schedo - titanium tube heater 250 Watt

Schedo - titanium tube heater 250 Watt
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Price: 38,33Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Schedo - titanium tube heater 250 Watt

Technical data:




 1 Cap

2 Marking, minimum immersion depth (A)

3 Heater/titanium tube

4 Holder

5 Cable

6 Power plug



Technical data

Line voltage

230 V/50 Hz

Power consumption

50 to 600 W (depending on the version)


HO3W-F 3G 0.75 mmz

Cable length

1.5 m

Heating element length

250 mm [at 50 to 300 W)

350 mm [at 600 W]

Heating element diameter

25 mm

Protection class

IP 68

Maximum water immersion depth

1.20 m

Recommended power depending on the volume of water at a room temperature of 20°C

50 W at 25 - 50 I

75 W at 50 - 75 I

100 W at 75 - 100 l

150 W at 100 - 150 l

200 W at 150 - 2001

250 W at 200 - 250 I

300 W at 250 - 300 I

600 W at 300 - 600 I



The heating element is made of titanium and is designed to warm water in aquariums and terrariums. It is resistant to sea water, unbreakable and it is the optimal supplement to the temperature controller TR 1000.


Safety instructions:

The heating element is operated with electric power and generates high operating temperatures that can cause burn injuries and material damage if there is contact with the heating element.

  • Prior to performing any work disconnect the heating element from the power supply. To do this, unplug the power plug (Fig. 1/6) from the socket and allow the heating element to cool before reaching into the aquarium, terrarium or basin. Allow the heating element to cool to ambient temperature and dry before you touch it.
  • Only grasp the heating element on the cap (Fig. 1/1).
  • Do not leave the heating element unattended if children or persons who cannot assess the hazards are in the vicinity.
  • The heating element is not designed to be used by persons (including children) with limited physical, sensory, or mental capacities, or lack of experience and/or knowledge, unless such persons are supervised by a person responsible for their safety, or have received instructions on how to operate the device from the person responsible for their safety.



Unpack the entire scope of delivery and ensure that the contents are complete and undamaged.

Always transport/send the heating element in the original packaging so that it is not damaged. Keep the packaging on hand for this purpose.

Dispose of packaging material that is no longer required in accordance with the applicable regulations. If you detect transport damage contact the dealer from whom you purchased the heating element without delay.


Operating Instructions: 


Attaching and connecting the heating element

It is possible to attach the heating element in any desired position below the surface of the water, using the supplied holder (Fig. 1/4).



The heating element is operated with electrical current. The connections of the heating element are not designed for outdoor use.

  • Only use the heating element in enclosed, dry areas.
  • Protect the power plug (Fig. 1/6) from moisture.
  • Only operate the heating element in conjunction with a ground fault circuit interrupter with maximum 30mA.
  • Ensure that the power of the heating element is appropriate for the volume of water that will be heated
  • Slide the supplied holder (Fig. 1/4) onto the heating element.



The heating element is fastened using suction cups that do not adhere to uneven, dirty surfaces. Surfaces can be damaged if the heating element falls.

- Select a suitable, smooth surface for fastening the heating element.

- Clean the surface so that it is clean and free of grease.


The element can be damaged if it is not completely surrounded by water.

  • Pay attention to the minimum immersion depth A (Fig. 1/2), when installing vertically, this is the minimum point to which the heating element must be immersed in the water.
  • For horizontal installation ensure that the heating element is always immersed in flowing liquid. 

Press the heating element with the holders into the desired position on the surface.



The wrong voltage can destroy the heating element.

Only connect the heating element if the voltage of your socket is 230V alternating current.

Plug the power plug of the heating element into the socket or into a suitable temperature controller (e.g. schego TR 1000, art. no. 110).


Dismount the heating element

Unplug the power plug of the heating element (Fig. 1/6) from the socket or from the temperature controller.

Allow the heating element (Fig. 1/3) to cool off completely; ensure that it has cooled off before touching the heating element.



Chemicals can be harmful and can cause injuries if there is skin contact.

  • Wear personal protective equipment when handling hazardous chemicals. Comply with the instructions specified on the appropriate safety data sheets.
  • Dismount the heating element by detaching the suction cups from the surface.
  • Place the heating element on a non-flammable, moisture-resistant substrate.


Maintenance instructions:

Regularly remove deposits on the heating element with a suitable brush so there is no encrustation and damage on the heating element.

If the cable is damaged (Fig. 1/5) replace the entire heating element. The connecting line cannot be replaced separately.



When the device has reached the end of its service life, dispose of the heating

1.4 element and all accessories as specified by applicable environmental regulations.

Electrical waste should not be disposed of together with household waste.



Use a temperature controller do prevent uncontrolled heating of the heating element (e.g. schego controller TR 1000, 110).


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Schedo - titanium tube heater 250 Watt 
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