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JBL Sansibar River 5kg - white gravel for aquariums

JBL Sansibar River 5kg - white gravel for aquariums
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Price: 10,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: JBL Sansibar River 5kg - white gravel for aquariums




Optimal for all animals that feed on the bottom. JBL Sansibar River is a coarse sand, rounded, ideal for burrowing animals like rays, Pangio, torpedoes, etc.. Its structure is large and rounded prevents injury to the mucosa. Respects the sensitive barbels of fish that feed on the bottom as calittidi and cobiti.

  Highlights the contrasting colors of plants and fish in the 'aquarium.

Neutral to 'water does not enter the water nor hardening nor silicates

To calculate the needs of sand (for a layer of about 5cm):

length x width / = 140 kg of sand needed

Suitable for all freshwater aquariums could be used in aquariums and terrariums.


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JBL Sansibar River 5kg - white gravel for aquariums 
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Home » Decorations » Sand for Freshwater

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