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Salty Shrimp
Salty Shrimp
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Salty Shrimp - Sulawesi Mineral 8,5 100 gr

Salty Shrimp - Sulawesi Mineral 8,5 100 gr
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Price: 9,99Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Salty Shrimp - Sulawesi Mineral 8,5 100 gr

8.5 Mineral Sulawesi has been designed for scientific analysis of the lakes on Sulawesi Maliliseen system and serves the hardening of RO water, rain water, deionised water, etc. It dissolves in water only with some effort, but it reached a nearly identical composition of the water as they found on such Towutisee is in, with correspondingly high pH of about 8.5, which reduces the bacterial load.

8.5 Mineral Sulawesi contains all essential minerals and trace elements for health, wellbeing and colors of the shrimp species known from this region. It promotes regeneration in the microbial bio-filter substrates. Even the threat of dangerous germs is reduced by antagonistic (opposing) microflora is particularly encouraged. Increases carbonate hardness and total hardness in relation KH / GH = 0,78 / 1,0.


Since it especially with the very delicate shrimp from the Towutisee (eg Harlekingarnele - Caridina woltereckae or Rotstreifengarnele - Caridina striata) still are difficulties these to breed, we have since 2008 last 2011 a trip taken to the lakes, to protect the exact conditions place to investigate and to analyze water samples.
The results of the water analysis showed fundamental differences in water chemistry of lakes in the Malili system compared with well-known sea-water type, so we had to put together the constellation of minerals from scratch, from Sulawesi, the mineral was 8.5.

The less sensitive Sulawesi shrimps like Kardinalsgarnele (Caridina dennerli) go well with Sulawesi Sulawesi mineral 7.5 and 8.5 and minerals to keep tighten. At the very delicate shrimp species, we hope to better long-term success through the mineral Sulawesi 8.5, which the water chemistry of Towutisees was modeled almost identically.


8.5 Mineral Sulawesi stir outside of the aquarium water. It dissolves in hot (boil water or heat in microwave) or with the addition of CO2 over a few days. After addition of CO2 must be off the water for at least 3 hours, air with aerator to the CO2 re-sprout. Then the water is ready. A temperature adjustment to the aquarium water is recommended. Undissolved particles should be given to the aquarium. Can seal after each use.


Osmosis water, rain water, deionized water, mineral, etc., with Sulawesi 8.5 to about 7 ° dH and conductance approximately 220 + / - 40 ĩS harden (micro Siemens), which corresponds to about one level scoop (approx. 3 g) to 20 liter of water. Measuring spoon is included.

For more information on the website "

Contents: 100 grams (enough for about 665 l)
Measuring spoon enclosed

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Salty Shrimp - Sulawesi Mineral 8,5 100 gr 
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Water Conditioners/Water Additives » Salty Shrimps

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