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Salifert Profi Test Phosphate - about 50 measurement

Salifert Profi Test Phosphate - about 50 measurement
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Price: 8,10Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Salifert Profi Test Phosphate - about 50 measurement


The phosphates, if present in concentrations too high, have many adverse effects on the balance of your tank before you all can grow harmful algae that give your aquarium an unattractive appearance. Phosphates also stop or slow the growth of corals and calcareous algae. A scientific study showed that a concentration of fofati than 0.05 mg/l decreases the growth of calcareous algae by 90%!

Avoid the use of charcoal-rich phosphates helps to maintain their lowest level possible. So how to avoid sovranutrire animals. Test the activated carbon to verify the contents fofati before use is advisable.

Although phosphates have a greater negative impact when present in concentrations above 0.05 mg/l test decisament must be able to detect lower concentrations of these elements. The test for phosphate Salifert detects, within seconds, 0.015 mg/l. This characteristic makes it more reliable and useful.

Operating Instructions:

a) Add 10 ml. of water into the container, helping with the syringe
b) Add 4 drops of reagent PO 4-1 and shake gently for ten seconds.
c) Add a scoop of PO 4-2 reagent powder and shake gently for 20 seconds
d) Put the test tube open on the color chart in a white area and compare the colors. From this the concentrations of phosphates.

The values are in ppm of phosphates.
If you prefer in ppm of phosphate-phosphorus divide the values obtained for 3 and use the table in the instructions.
If you need a higher sensitivity doubled the volume of water sample and reagents.
The values obtained should be divided by two.



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Salifert Profi Test Phosphate - about 50 measurement 
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