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ROWA phos for reliable removal of phosphate from fresh and sea-water

ROWA phos for reliable removal of phosphate from fresh and sea-water
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Price: 38,00Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: ROWA phos for reliable removal of phosphate from fresh and sea-water


ROWA phos is a completely new filter material to eliminate phosphate. Through its outstanding qualities it has the ability to bind large quantities of phosphate by adsorption without negatively influencing the water in the aquarium in any way. Phosphate (PO4) in the aquarium is caused by the decomposition of organic substances. Especially in the confined habitat of an aquarium several of these decomposition processes take place on food surpluses, dead plant matter, excretions etc.
Admittedly phosphate is an important component of life, but it is harmless only in low concentrations.

The natural waters that have not yet been affected by human interference show very low PO4 concentrations. It is nearly impossible to maintain this ideal condition in an aquarium without artificial aid. A rise. in the concentration leads to unwanted algae growth and to the inhibition of lime synthesis in certain specialized organisms in sea water, such as calcareous algae and stone corals.


To solve these phosphate-induced problems it is recommended to keep the concentration of phosphate always below 0.1 - 0.3 mg/I (P).
In sea-water aquarium the phosphate concentration should even be kept below 0.015 mg/I (P).

This target can be reached easily with ROWA phos, the highly active filter material, which can be used in fresh water as well as sea-water. The material binds PO4 without influencing the water in your tank negatively. No output of substances like e. g. aluminium will occur. Also no back-solving of PO4 when the material is exhausted. Thus ROWA phos can even be used in aquaria with very sensitive fish, e. g. discus, or in marine aquaria with less complex organisms.

ROWA phos can either be placed in a canister as a separate slow phosphate filter or can be utilized at the end of the main filter process as the final unit after a biological and mechanical filter. The material can either be applied in a filter net or between two layers of fine filter wool (on the incoming and outgoing flow).

How ROWA®phos is used (adsorption approx. 1 ppm PO4):

ROWA phos 100 ml: for 200 - 400 l fresh water or for 100 - 200 l sea-water;
ROWA phos 250 ml: for 500 - 1000 l fresh water or for 250 - 500 l sea-water;
ROWA phos 500 ml: for 1000 - 2000 l fresh water or for 500 - 1000 l sea-water;
ROWA phos 1000 ml: for 2000 - 4000 l fresh water or for 1000 - 2000 l sea-water;

The lifetime of the filter material depends entirely on the PO4 -concentration in the aquarium. However, regular controls with a precise and reliable phosphate test will show the extraordinary effectiveness of ROWA phos. In addition this will indicate in advance when the filter material has to be exchanged. Depending on the phosphate concentration ROWA phos can work for up to several months in the aquarium, before a renewal is necessary. It is important to consider that in some aquaria, especially those that have been exposed to high phosphate concentrations for a long time, extremely high amounts of PO4 may have built up in decorations and ground cover etc.

Tips: Use ROWA phos instantly when setting up a new aquarium! This ensures that no high PO4 concentrations can arise in the fist place. To eliminate phosphate successfully it is also necessary to use ROWA phos in a new or matured aquarium on a permanent basis.

Do not rinse ROWA phos before use!

In some cases the use of ROWA phos can turn the aquarium water slightly brown in colour due to the dislocation of finer particles in the material. This is completely harmless for fish or any other organisms and will disappear after a short period of time.

Always replace lid of the ROWA phos container!

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ROWA phos for reliable removal of phosphate from fresh and sea-water 
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