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Rossmont Mover M4600

Rossmont Mover M4600
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Price: 62,92Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Rossmont Mover M4600



M Series specifies a precise range of pumps with same dimensions but different performances. The range is divided in 4 models:

3400 L/h - 5W
4600 L/h - 8W
5800 L/h - 10W
7200 L/h - 15W

Developed to have extra compact dimensions but with very high performances, Mover M series is actually the smallest in the world among orientable circulation pumps of its category for marine and freshwater Aquariums.

With its wide and turbulent flow with an action cone of about 120°, concentrable to about 60° with the concentrator nozzle included, Mover has been studied especially to recreate the effect of the natural marine currents on barrier reef.

Compatible also for the utilization with a programmed timer for on/off cycles every 6 hours, thanks to the protection grid (applicable with or without the concentrator nozzle), also the smaller fishes are safe.

Thanks to the 2m long cable and to the magnetic support very compact suitable for glass panes up to 15mm thick, it's possible to position freely Mover in every point of the tank and to direct it by rotating it on its spherical joint, also with only one hand.

Thanks to the innovative axial rotor with high efficience propeller, the energy consumption is very reduced and therefore the heat transmitted in aquarium it's extremely low.

With the new VAS technology (Vibration Absorbing System), the normal vibrations of the system are absorbed by apposite components made of special rubber and they are not transmitted to the environment, so guaranteeing an excellent level of silence of the product.

The new ACS technology (Auto Cleaning System) consists in a group of windows and openings positioned in well-defined points that let the water to recirculate in a forced way and so eliminating the residual air, lubricating and cleaning continuously every part of the pump.
This system guarantees the continuous operation of the pump 24/24h without any particular attention and it reduces the maintenance frequency exponentially, increasing remarkably the life of the product.

Thanks to the specific brush, the cleaning of Mover results very quick and it's easy to reach also the smaller openings.

Made in Italy, it's for us the possibility to follow each production process in first person.

Each single product is checked for the 100% and this check ends with the apposition of the Serial Number, the identification code that let us understand instantly the history and the technical composition of a product, accessory or spare part of Mover M series.

The High Quality with Rossmont products is not an optional, it comes as standard equipment. With this certainty, we have given to Mover M series an extra 12 months warranty (for a total period of 36 months).


Circulation pump for marine and freshwater aquariums
Flow rate: 4600 L/h
Rated voltage: 230VAC - 50Hz
Power absorbed: 8W
Cord length: 2m
Magnetic support for glasses up to 15mm (0.6in) thick

Included in the box, in addition to the pump, as standard equipment we supply:
- concentrator nozzle
- protection grid
- cleaning brush
- multilingual instruction booklet

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Rossmont Mover M4600 
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