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Reef Factory Smart Test ICP-OES 1

Reef Factory Smart Test ICP-OES 1
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Price: 19,80Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Smart ICP-OES is an atomic emission spectrometry technique used to accurately determine elements over a wide range of concentrations in simple and intuitive Reef Factory software.
Smart ICP is a modern, easy to use and the most accurate way of seawater testing available to the aquarist. Thanks to
modern technology, taking care of stable parameters in a marine tank has never been so easy.

    simplicity of use
    most up to date laboratory
    tests performed directly in the Reef Factory laboratory
    direct recommendations in the application

With Smart Reef, sample registration, test results and dosing recommendations are available in one place.
How to perform Smart ICP test?

    Fill up the tubes
    Stick on the label with QR code
    Register your samples in Smart Reef application.
    Fill in the address data and stick the label on the envelope
    Place the tubes with water in the envelope and send the package to Poland as a parcel (shipping costs to Poland not included)

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Reef Factory Smart Test ICP-OES 1 
is in the Categories:

Home » Tests » ICP Tests
Technic » Control and automation » Reef Factory Smart Devices

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