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Prodibio Start Up Nano 4 ampoules

Prodibio Start Up Nano 4 ampoules
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Price: 7,73Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Prodibio Start Up Nano 4 ampoules


START UP Prodibio activator-Sea Aquarium Fresh Water 12-amp.
START UP launches faster biological filtration for aquariums combining the power of BIO DIGEST and the efficacy of STOP AMMO.

is specially designed to combine the ammonia in aquarium water.
At startup, allows to reduce and limit the increase in ionized ammonia NH3 and of limiting the production of nitrites.
STOP AMMO is a product made from plant extracts.
These plants have developed a molecular system - glyco-compounds - whose main property is to bind the ammonium nitrogen toxic.
Thus allows the bacteria to synthesize it in the form of organic compounds: proteins and amino acids.
Meanwhile, the bacteria in BIO DIGEST multiply to install biological filtration.

Instructions for use of STOP AMMO fresh water and sea water:
Top 1 vial per 60 liters avoids accidents boot.
In case of increase of nitrite, 1 vial per 30 liters to allow to take early and decrease the production of such nitrites; decomposing fish, excess food.

is a compound of high bacterial biotechnology.
The rapid multiplication of 20 billion bacteria per ampoule accelerated the implementation of biological filtration in the aquarium and the introduction of fish.

The formation of bacterial bed is done quickly by the bacteria of nitrification:
Nitrosomonas europea and Nitrobacter winogradskyi.
These bacteria work in groups.
Each strain ending the work begun by another. 

BIO DIGEST installs quickly biological filtration.
The bacteria multiply, bacteria colonize the media and they will exchange for a quick start of the aquarium.
Avoid too, by competing for food, water murky and the proliferation of bacteria parasites, they decrease the risk of unexplained diseases.
The package provides a storage vial in a very long sheltered by the oxygen of the air.
This package is very economical as each dose is 100% effective.

Use of Bio Digest:

1 vial per 60 l + 1 ampoule for the filter.
Shake vigorously each vial to put the bacteria in suspension deposited into the ends of the vials.

Use of START UP: 

BIO DIGEST: 1 ampoule to 60 liters during the introduction of fish plus 1 ampoule for the filter.
STOP AMMO: 1 ampoule to 60 liters during the introduction of fish.

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. 

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Prodibio Start Up Nano 4 ampoules 
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