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Prodibio Bioptim Salt Water 6 Ampoules

Prodibio Bioptim  Salt Water  6 Ampoules
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Price: 23,31Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Prodibio Bioptim  Salt Water  6 Ampoules



BIOPTIM Marino provides the set of micro-nutrients needed by bacteria to achieve their function OPTIMUN: aquarium MA digest organic residues that have been consumed for life in an aquarium, in a previous digestion Biological elemnti trace acids selected amino, enzymes, natural vitamins (riboflavin), and taken from the plants to facilitate absorption of compounds menbrane cells.


BIOPTIM Marino at the optimum energizes the work of aerobic bacteria, anaerobic and facultative present in the aquarium and allows a decrease:
  - Nitrates
  - Phosphates
  - Of carbohydrates
  - Reducing the silt
  - The reduction of filamentous algae
  - Improves water quality

BIOPTIM Marino immediately accelerates the reduction of organic matter, lowers the BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), and also improves the redox potential.
For the probiotic effect, and the competition instituted food BIOPTIM Marino cotribbuisce to reduce the number of pathogens and thereby the risk of disease, bacterial and fungal infections.
BIOPTIM Marino maintains a high redox potential.

BIOPTIM Marino combined with BIO DIGEST revitalises the aquarium, restores VIGOR and HEALTH and provides water clearer, more alive, more fish tonic invertebrates that flourished again.

WARNINGS: Keep out of reach of children





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Prodibio Bioptim Salt Water 6 Ampoules 
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