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Prodac Magictherm 300 watt

Prodac Magictherm 300 watt
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Price: 13,52Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Prodac Magictherm 300 watt



Heater ideal for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. The heater consists of a quartz glass tube which provides exceptional resistance to sudden temperature changes and to heat, guaranteeing against the risk of breakage or explosion in the event the heater still on is removed from the aquarium accidentally and then returned to the water.


Magictherm has a double sealing making it completely watertight and shatterproof. The heating element, manifactured using only high-quality materials and combined with this specific high-thermal conductive glass structure, ensures fast and efficient heating. The visible graduated scale for temperature control located on the cap of the heater allows for easy temperature adjustment offering also an optimal temperature range between 16°C and 32°C making this the ideal heater for all types of aquariums and fish.


Mount the clips to the suction cups and fix them to the section of the glass tube showing the label and not the heating element. Place the heater in the water in a vertical position and attach the suction cups to the glass. The water level must cover the plastic cap and should not be below the wording "MINIMUM WATER LEVEL". Connect the plug to the mains supply. An indicator light will light up confirming the heater is on, and adjust the temperature dial to the required temperature. To avoid serious burns do not leave the heater out of the aquarium and do not operate the heater when there is no water.    



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Prodac Magictherm 300 watt 
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