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Prodac Magic Filter 30

Prodac Magic Filter 30
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Price: 9,35Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Prodac Magic Filter 30



Compact and silent running internal filter for small aquariums and turtle tanks.

Filter components:

- A) Fully submersible motor unit sealed with a watertight resin

- B) Silent operation impeller

- C) Impeller protection cap

- D) Filter unit

- E) Flow outlet

- F) Filtering sponge media

- G) Suction cup

Description of spray-bar

- I) Vertical fitting

- H) Elbow fitting

- L) Spray-bar


Before performing any type of aquarium maintenance always disconnect the submerged electrical appliances at the mains power supply and check that the voltage on the label affixed to the product corresponds to the voltage of your mains power supply.

Installing filter:

Before installing the filter clean the wall of the tank where the filter is to be positioned, mount the filter to the wall of the tank utilising the suction cups and gently press until secured in position. For maximum performance we recommend that the filter is mounted in a vertical position with the flow outlet positioned just below water level. Connect the filter to the power supply. MAGIC FILTER 30 is an internal filter with a fixed capacity therefore it does not require adjustment.

Installing the spray-bar:

Mount the spray-bar (L) to the elbow fitting (H) then proceed with mounting the elbow fitting to the vertical fitting (I), remove the flow outlet (E) from the filter unit and mount the spray-bar to the filter unit utilising the vertical fitting (I). The spray-bar must be perpendicular to the filter.


Disconnect all electrical appliances submerged in the aquarium at the mains power supply. To remove filter detach it from the wall of the tank together with the suction cups, separate the motor unit (A) from the filter unit (D), remove the impeller protection cap (C), remove impeller (B) and rinse under warm running water. Remove the filtering sponge media (F) and only if excessively dirty rinse with aquarium water to prevent damaging the bacteria colonies. To reassemble the filterinvert the above procedure.

Caution: do not use soap or cleaning detergents.

Safety regulations:

All electrical appliances used must be connected to an emergency cut-off switch set to 30 mA. Make sure that the mains voltage corresponds to the voltage on the label affixed to the unit. This appliance is intended for indoor use only and is designed for water temperatures up to 35°C. Do not use this appliance with corrosive or abrasive liquids. Before connecting to the mains supply make sure the cable an the appliance are not damaged in any way. The power cable cannot be replaced or repaired if damaged replace the whole unit. Do not use the appliance for any purpose other than those described above. Before handling or touching the power cable disconnect from the mains. If the plug or power socket get wet, shut-off the mains before disconnecting the cable. Keep the appliance out of reach of children. To avoid the plug or socket from getting wet due to dripping water, we suggest bending the cable under the level of the power socket. Do not lift the appliance by its cable. Electrical safety standards for Class II appliances

The Class II filter has a twin cable, double insulation and is not provided with an earthing conductor.



- 200 lt/h pump

- Power consumption: 2W

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Prodac Magic Filter 30 
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Technic » Filtering » Internal filters

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