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Preis Fish V Power 250ml

Preis Fish V Power 250ml
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Price: 13,80Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Preis Fish V Power 250ml


Fish-V-Power, the preparation tonic for freshwater fish and saltwater. To be used after illnesses, such as regular care, for new purchases and for young fish. Fish-V-Power, the multipreparato natural tonic for ornamental fish strong and healthy. In addition to amino acids such as Omega 3 fatty acids, this new flagship product contains high-quality ingredients such as ginseng, propolis, ginger and ginkgo as well as a targeted selection of high quality fish oil with a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids. After stressful situations such as transfers, struggles for dominance with specimens of the same species and long-distance transportation, the fish are having to fight against pathogens and parasites. Fish-Power-V improves the reproductive capacity, promotes the growth of the fry, increasing their strength and giving them bright colors. It is recommended to systematically perform a cure revitalizing after the import or purchase, during and after the treatment of diseases and for the rearing of young fish. Of course, you can use Fish-V-Power as vitamin constant care. The fish will benefit and it will have better health, longer life and beautiful colors.

Dosage for a cure of 6 weeks: in this case the product should be added not only to water but also to the feed. Dosage for water: 10 ml in 100 liters of water per day 1 x 2 x week
Dosage for the feed: pour 10 ml of Fish V-Power in 10 g of frozen food and leave to absorb, for 1 teaspoon of dry food (flakes, granules, stick) add 5-10 ml of Fish V-Power. Dosage for feed for koi and other pond fish: mix thoroughly 30 ml of Fish-V-Power in about 1 cup of tablets or sticks.
Dosage for water is not applicable.
Dosage for water in case of long-term use: Add 10 ml to 100 liters of water every 2 weeks.
Dosage for the feed in case of long-term use: Dosage similar to the cure but only every two doses of feed.
Shake well before use. Once opened, keep refrigerated.

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Preis Fish V Power 250ml 
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Food » Saltwater food » Vitamins

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